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Join the Orchestra

OSO is proud to serve the people of Northeast Wisconsin in pursuit of building a stronger and more beautiful community. This begins with the people of the orchestra; musicians from diverse backgrounds, providing the orchestra with a rich cultural and musical foundation. Professional musicians, community members, and UWO students perform side-by-side, making this a symphony with a wide variety of people and skill, and one always open to new members.

Auditions are heard throughout the year as there may be the opportunity to join the orchestra at the beginning of the next concert cycle.

OSO is home to musicians who are skilled as well as those who are aspiring. In rehearsal we have fun, we challenge ourselves, we dialogue, we create, we become more connected.

  • ELIGIBILITY: Adult community members

  • REHEARSALS: Mondays, 7:00-9:30pm

  • DRESS REHEARSALS: Occur the Friday evening before and Saturday afternoon of concert days.

  • WHERE: Music Hall, UW Oshkosh

  • REQUIREMENTS: Entrance by audition.

To schedule a time to audition or chat about how we can grow the orchestra together, reach out to Music Director, Dylan T. Chmura-Moore using the form below.


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