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What To Expect At A Concert

Come as you are. "Jacket" not required.

Applause when the music moves you.

It's the 2020s, we're phone-friendly.

Whether you're new to the Symphony or it's all old-hat, every orchestra does it different. This is how OSO gets down, what you should know before you attend a show, F.A.Q. style.

Tickets cost how much?

  • Tickets are $15 general admission. Tickets can be purchased online in advance or at the door the day of the concert. UWO students get in free with Titan ID.


Where does the orchestra make noise?

  • All concerts take place in Music Hall, 1001 Elmwood Ave., on the campus of UW Oshkosh. Music Hall is a 500 seat auditorium with warm, reverberant  acoustics. Think Bose not Beats.


Parking. Is there any?

  • Yes, there's lots. Concert parking is free and is allowed in UWO parking lots. During concerts, you can safely ignore the signs that speak to permits. All the surrounding lots have been "cleared" just for you. V.I.P.


Is Music Hall ADA accessible?

  • Yes and no. There are a few accessible seats and spaces for wheelchairs on the first level. Also, there is elevator access to the basement where additional seating and wheelchair space is available. The real good news is that a major hall renovation is planned to commence spring of 2025 for ADA concerns!!!!!!!


Where's the best seat? 

  • All seats are good seats in Music Hall. Sit where you're comfortable. That said, it's encouraged you come down close to the action.


How early can I arrive?​

  • You can campout if you want, but doors open 45 minutes before the show.


What if I'm late?

  • Sorry, not fashionable. If you arrive after the music has begun you'll be asked to wait a few minutes, until the first pause, to find a seat. But, not to worry, typically the first selection only last 5-10 minutes.


How fancy should I look?

  • Dress to-the-nines or come-as-you-are. You do you. 


Phone etiquette? 

  • We're a phone-friendly orchestra. All we ask is that you silence your glowing rectangles and show respect to those around you. In other words, dim your screen, maybe don't watch the game, and no flash photography, please.


So...clapping. When do I do it?

  • Let go of the stress. Please, clap when you hear something you like. Applause is always appreciated. Still worried about being the first one to stand up and cheer? The easy thing to do is just wait for the nonverbals from the conductor and musicians. When they relax, that's your cue to let loose.


How long are concerts? 

  • Just long enough to leave you wanting more. Seriously though, you can tell your babysitter shows last 1.5 - 2 hours.

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